“Why I’m taking a new wife one year after my wife’s death” – Anselm Madubuko

A year after his wife Connie Madubuko died, the Head Pastor of Revival Assembly Church, Apostle Anselm Madubuko is getting ready to marry 33 year old Kenyan gospel artist, Emmy Kosgei. Their wedding will hold on Saturday August 31 at Revival Miracle Cathedral in Lagos. Apostle Madubuko explains why he’s remarrying so soon.

He tells Encomium magazine:

“It is how I have chosen to do it. I have decided to move on. I found out that even 10 years will not be enough to forget my late wife. 20 years still will not be enough to forget my late wife. The time anybody remarries has nothing to do with your former partner. And that’s one thing people fail to understand. We were married for many years and suddenly I was left alone. It’s about many things, companionship. Once that person close to you goes, you can never forget the person. It is a matter of picking up one’s pieces and moving on. I can’t forget Connie, she was my life, it’s just about moving on. I don’t listen to people. If you re-marry or don’t re-marry people must talk. I thought I wasn’t going to re-marry but God said that is not his plans for me. He chose Emmy Kosgei for me. I chose to trust God more than my mind. I am looking forward to having more children.”


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