Identical twin sisters (83) die on same day

Two women, who loved each other dearly, lived together and died on the same day.

These twins stuck together till death. Anna and Maria Bachmaier, both 83, from Steinhoring, Germany, were born on June, 4, 1930 and have now died just a few hours apart.

It was around 5:00 am when Anna died of liver cancer in a nursing home. Her twin sister, Maria, slept in the next room . “When Annie died, Maria was extremely restless and she cried, this is just unbelievable,” nephew Peter Bachmaier, 43, said. They were always very close and they thought and acted as identical twins.

Maria, who had lost a leg to diabetes, was not told about her sister’s death, leaving her family and nursing home staff stunned when she died only a few hours after her twin sister.

When Anna and Maria were young women, they worked in different areas. Anna stayed in her hometown and worked in a local church for 48 years. The priest at the Ignaz Loidl Church said: “Anna was very pious and her faith got her through any problem she faced.”

While Maria went to work in Munich as a nurse, she visited regularly. When she retired in 1985, Maria returned home and lived with her twin sister Anna. Both women were never married and both of them never had children.

When they grew older and were no longer able to care for themselves they both decided to live at the nursing home together. They enjoyed spending time with each other and could not see their lives without their twin. May they both rest in peace.


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