“Leap Of Faith”: Religious Family Gets Lost At Sea For 91 Days

USA — Fed up with the current situation with abortions, growing tolerance to homosexuality, taxes and the “state-controlled” church, the Gastonguay family from Arizona decided to take “a leap of faith” and see where “God would lead them”. The family, with two small children, abandoned the United States and set sail for the island nation of Kiribati in May. They ended up lost in the Pacific Ocean for 91 days.

Fortunately, they were saved and flew back home on Sunday.

During the voyage, their boat was damaged by “squall after squall, after squall.”

The damage forced them to head towards the nearer Marquesas Islands, but they made little progress.

A Canadian cargo ship spotted them and offered them some supplies. But the large ship bumped into the small boat, resulting in even more damage.

With their supplies running low, they were eventually picked up by a Venezuelan fishing vessel that spotted them.

“The captain said, ‘Do you know where you’re at? You’re in the middle of nowhere,'” Hannah Gastonguay recalls.

After being transferred to a Japanese cargo ship, the family ended up in Chile.

U.S. Embassy officials arranged for them to be flown home.


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