Witchcraft: Woman snatches married man, gives birth to birds, frogs, mice DAILY


ZIMBABWE: Villagers in Chikumbakwa area in Macheke were left shell shocked when an 18-year-old woman gave birth to BIRDS in a suspected case of witchcraft.

The young lady, Chipo Mahuda, was in labour for 13 days (From 30 July to 12 August) delivering different baby animals ranging from birds to mice and frogs.

She is believed to have snatched a married man and her experience is said to have been a result of a curse.

“She snatched a married man identified as Learnmore Matamba and the wife (name supplied) was not happy and she threatened her with unspecified action. That is when she started delivering birds and a voice came out of her tummy,” narrated a source.

When visited by the news crew, Chipo CONFIRMED the chilling development.

“I conceived after cheating with my neighbour, Learnmore, last year in December. We had several confrontations with his wife and she threatened me with his delivery of animals if I was to continue dating Learnmore and I strongly suspect her of bewitching me. I was already five months pregnant and I couldn’t stop as Learnmore demanded to have sex with me in the bush and at Waterloo farm where he works.

“I could not believe her words until 30 July when I started hearing strange voiced from my stomach similar to the squeaking of a mouse and of small chicks. Suddenly I felt serious labour pains and had a stomach ache. I went to Waterloo clinic and when they pressed against my stomach, they heard the squeaking. When they saw a mouse coming out of my privates they couldn’t find a solution and referred me to Marondera Hospital,” she narrated.

However, she said people advised her not to go to the hospital, but visited a traditional healer instead.

“They said it is a traditional problem and I will die if I go there so I went to a sangoma instead. That is where I got the medicine to help the animals come out of my stomach leading to the strange delivery. After such experiences, I decided to stop dating Learnmore but it seems he can’t afford parting ways with me. He has threatened to commit suicide if I leave him,” she added.

Chipo’s grandmother, Gogo Anna, kept the creatures that were delivered.

“All my life I have never seen such a strange thing. Such witchcraft is unbelievable. She gave birth to a mouse that had a brand new needle, frogs and chicks,” said Gogo Anna.

She said she had warned Chipo after Learnmore’s wife confronted her.

In a separate interview, Learnmore said he will NOT leave Chipo adding that his marriage was now over. he said he did not want to see his wife again.

“After such an incident I don’t think I will reconcile with her (his wife). As we speak, she is claiming to be three months pregnant but I have not been having sex with her for the pst four months. I am going to move on with Chipo despite the strange incident,” he said.

Learnmore’s wife could not be reached for comment as she was said not to be at when when the news crew went to Macheke.


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