Company manufactures boob-shaped weights to attract men to the gym

Many men would like to lift weights, but they don’t do it because it gets boring.

Now, a company came up with a way to spice things up.

A company in Ukraine released their new product for men, boob-shaped weights!

The weights will be sold in sporting goods stores. It will also be sold to fitness clubs, which want to attract more male clients.

“These equipments are for real men, who think about women all the time,” the company wrote on their website. The novelty weights were created by the Kiev-based company named 306 Creative Communication Agency.

According to their Facebook page, the anticipation has been building, with stores and fitness clubs showing interest in carrying the product.

Previously, the agency published a photo of the prototype and wrote: “test casting was a success! Pre-orders open!”
The company made sure to please every man, as they made the weights in different sizes, whatever a man prefers.

Do you like a big busted woman? No problem. Just make sure you can “handle it”.
The boob-weights come in small, medium and large, and in three different colors. They are apparently made of cast iron, glossy paint and matt paint coating.

Just like women, the weight will have a nice price tag. A 35 pound weight will sell for $375, the 52 pound will sell for $435 and the 70 pound will cost $495.


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