2 cheated men force girlfriend to eat human faeces

WARNING!! This story as far as I’m concerned is just outright NASTY!!

Zimbabwe – A woman from Bulawayo’s Pumula North suburb was reportedly ‘taught a lesson of her life’ by two men she had double-crossed.

A source said the cheating woman, Simiso Sibanda, was on Sunday forced by the two men to eat human poo as a form of teaching her to be faithful. It is said upon realising that they were in love with the same woman, the two Bulawayo men teamed up and agreed to fix their cheating girlfriend.

“Sibanda ran out of luck two weeks ago when her two boyfriends, Khulekani and Sibbs, discovered that she was cheating on them. The woman was in the company of Sibbs when they met Khulekani at Hillside Shopping Centre. Sibanda tried to play it smart by ignoring the latter, but her plan never worked. Khulekani approached the two and greeted his girlfriend,” said the source.

The cheating woman who was desperate to cover up, reportedly introduced Sibbs as her brother. The Shocked Sibbs allegedly asked his girlfriend if she was ‘still mentally well’ before dismissing her claims. Upon reading in between the lines, Sibbs told Khulekani that he was Sibanda’s boyfriend.

“The two men discovered that they were both Sibanda’s boyfriends and when they asked her to explain, she refused and walked away leaving the two men behind. They must have exchanged phone numbers at that moment because they started communicating and hitched a plan to fix their girlfriend. Last Sunday, Khulekani phoned Sibanda and asked her to come to his place so that they could talk and solve everything. When she arrived at Khumbula’s place, she found the two men waiting for her and they suggested going for a dinner and map a way forward at the same time,” said the source.

Surprisingly, the two men drove to a bushy area in St Peters where they took out a plastic bag which had faeces inside and told her to eat.

“They said she had treated them like human poop therefore that was the only way they could discipline her. She was saved by vomiting after eating a little bit of it. They dropped the woman at Old Pumula Shopping Centre and warned her to keep the matter to herself,” added the source.

When Sibanda was contacted for comment, she could neither confirm nor deny the incident. “I am in South Africa and that is a long story which I cannot even tell you over the phone,” she said. Khulekani refused to comment.


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