Man shoots dead armed intruders only to discover it was his daughter and son-in-law

A family feud ended in tragedy leaving four people dead.

Josephine Ruckinger, and her husband Jeff Ruckinger, broke into her parents’ house in Pennsylvania, and shot her mother, Roberta Frew, and her brother.

The 64-year-old mother and her brother, John Frew Jr., who was 47-years-old, died instantly from gunshot wounds.
State Police said the home invasion occurred on Friday night, in Ashville, a rural community in Cambria County.

The father, John Frew, who was not injured, found his wife Roberta Frew and his son, fatally shot. That’s when he shot and killed the two intruders.

Frew told police he found his wife dead at the front door and he saw the body of his son in the kitchen. Therefore, he shot and killed both intruders. The intruders turned out to be his daughter, Josephine Ruckinger, and her husband Jeff Ruckinger.

Virginia Cruse, a relative of the family, said that Josephine and her mother did not get along, but she had no idea what led to the tragedy on Friday.

The daughter had “a hatred for the family,” she said. When Josephine was about 20-years-old, she and her then boyfriend, trashed her parents’ home and stole items including a gun. They then fled to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. After that, “more or less, the family disowned her,” Cruse said.

Jeff Ruckinger worked for a tire repair company and Josephine had disabilities that prevented her from working, Cruse said.


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