Three Europeans Burnt Alive In Madagascar For Alleged Child Murder

The executions took place on Nosy Be, an island in the Indian Ocean located off the northwest coast of Madagascar. It is a popular tourist attraction.

There were claims that the two Europeans, a Frenchman and an Italian, had kindapped an eight-year-old boy, killed him and cut off his tongue and genitals.

The local police say locals launched a manhunt and killed the Europeans, as they were not only suspected of murder, but were also said to be trafficking human organs.

It also appears that one of the foreigners confessed to committing the crime in the presence of the local residents after the dead body of a child was found in the morning.

First, the rioters stormed a police station in the island’s capital, as they assumed the suspects were held there. The policemen fired shots in the air, but this was not enough to chase away the angry mob.

The two suspects were finally captured on the beach. The locals reportedly tortured them until the two men “confessed” to killing the boy, and to trafficking organs. Then, both were set on fire and died from their burns.

Another Frenchman, a resident of Nosy Be, said up to 4,000 Madagascans witnessed the lynching. He claimed both men were mere “scapegoats,” and had nothing to do with the murder.

The angry mob then proceeded to torch houses and attacked police officers.

Witnesses say they saw a third man being dragged from a car and set ablaze at the beach.

All three men were questioned by detectives, apparently in connection to the murder of the boy.

The French foreign ministry warned its 700 citizens in Madagascar to avoid all travel within the country, as well as adviced against planning to travel there.

Analysts say crime has increased in Madagascar since President Andry Rajoelina seized power through a coup more than four years ago, plunging the country into political turmoil and leading donors to freezing aid, which dented public spending.

Almost 80 percent of households now living below the poverty line, one of the highest rates in Africa.


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