Woman steals cellphone, hides it in buttocks


b_200_0_16777215_00_images_stories_2013_pics_big-ass.jpgZIMBABWE: “There was drama at a Bulawayo club when a female reveller (25) from Sauerstown was arrested for allegedly stealing a cellphone from a male patron and deeply shoving it ‘into’ her buttocks.

Agnes Masango’s move to use her behind to secure her loot hit a brick wall when she was observed by her victim Kenneth Nhidza behaving strangely, like a ‘sodomised person’ as she was going to the toilet.

Nhidza who became suspicious after he failed to locate his cellphone secretly followed Masango to the toilet and found her busy plucking the phone off from her buttocks.

Circumstances to the incident which brought boozing to a standstill are that on 6 July, Masango and Nhidza were at a night spot situated at corner 4th Avenue and Hebert Chitepo Street in Bulawayo. It is reported that the two parties who knew each other as they are regular patrons at the drinking spot quickly hooked up and started drinking beer together.

It is further alleged that when Nhidza who was pledging on the day in question went to buy beer, he discovered that his cellphone was missing and quickly suspected Masango. When he came back, he saw Masango going to the toiled and suspicious got the better of him when he saw her having difficulties in walking. He is said to have secretly followed her to the lavatory.

Upon arrival, the man reportedly found Masango busy ‘giving birth’ to the cellphone which had been shoved in her buttocks. She allegedly quickly stashed it in her stockings. Nhidza is alleged to have grabbed Masango in a bid to recover his cellphone and the two started quarreling thereby attracting the attention of other imbibers.

The two beer lovers were later restrained by the manager of the club and Masango exploited the opportunity to run away with the cellphone and sought refuge in the toilet. Nhidza then reported the matter to the police leading to Masango’s arrest.


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