Till death do us part: Couple create gruesome wedding cake made of their own severed heads (PHOTOS)

A film buff couple had a gruesome wedding cake made of their own severed heads.

Natalie Sideserf, 28, a cake artist spent forty hours creating the cake to match her movie-themed wedding.

Both heads are lifelike, with blank soulless eyes, hair matted with blood and bleeding severed necks.

They were placed on a white board, with a banner draped on the base aptly reading: ‘Til Death Do Us Part.’

She said they chose it because her husband David Sideserf, 30, is a fan of scary movies.

‘We were watching a horror movie, and I was always interested in sculpting lifelike cakes, especially in the face, so I thought, “How neat would it be if I did our severed heads?’”Mrs Sideserf said.

‘And Dave was like, “That would be amazing,”‘ she told ABC.

Mrs Sideserf created the heads standing up and then put them down on the side for display.

The cake went on display at the couple’s wedding in Austin’s Alamo Drafthouse, Texas, a movie theater that serves food and alcohol.

The inside of the cake was a colouful confetti vanilla sponge.

‘I wanted to do something a little goofy and funny, so when you cut into it, it had a bunch of different colours,’ she said.

It was all topped with vanilla buttercream frosting and modeling chocolate.

Mrs Sideserf said: ‘I didn’t tell anybody about it, so it made it really interesting to see people’s reactions.’

‘Everybody was shocked and loved it.’

She admitted her grandma was not so keen on the cake, although she said she appreciated the detail and how realistic it was.

Mrs Sideserf posted photos of the cake on her company website and it drew mixed reactions.

One user posted: ‘There is no way I could eat that,’ while another wrote: ‘I hope there were no kids there.’

But another user wrote: ‘It would not be my choice for a cake but I would just love to be able to sculpt in sugar this way. Regardless of my personal taste I can only respect such phenomenal skill.’


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