Bloodbath at Yemeni wedding after guests are shot dead while dancing to Gangnam Style when reveller ‘tries to fire AK-47 into the air to celebrate

A wedding in Yemen became a scene of carnage when a reveller dancing to Gangnam Style shot dead at least three people after apparently losing control of his AK-47.

Horrific footage of the incident has emerged showing a group of guests performing the moves to the hit song by South Korean pop star Psy.

Among them is one man waving his assault rifle as he gyrates on the dancefloor while others look on.

When the song reaches its chorus, shots can be heard as the gunman sprays bullets all around him, in an apparent attempt at ‘celebratory’ gunfire.

Three men can be seen lying in pools of blood in the video posted on Liveleak.

Another man writhes in agony as revellers drag the bodies away, while the screams of terrified guests fill the night air.

It is also not known if the gunman was arrested after the incident.

Although it is illegal in many parts of Yemen to carry weapons during weddings, gunfire during such celebrations is common practice.

There are frequently reports of fatalities despite the authorities’ best efforts.

Last year, a tribal sheikh was killed by ‘celebratory’ gunfire – and as a result, there was a nationwide petition against guns.


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