New York woman spends $3,000 to get jewelry implanted in her eye

Women are known to love jewelry, but to have it implanted in the eye is a different story.

As of now, Lucy Luckayanko is the only New Yorker to have an eye-stud.

She spent $3,000 on a procedure to have a heart-shaped piece of platinum inserted into the white of her right eye.

Harvard and NYU trained Doctor Emil Chynn of Park Avenue Laser Vision in New York, performed the procedure.

To do this, Chynn first injected an anesthetic into Luckayanko’s eye. He then made ​​a small incision in her eye. Using forceps, he placed the 3.5 mm platinum stud in her eye.

The procedure took only a few minutes, and Lucy went home with her new jeweled eye shortly thereafter.

Chynn said its very safe

“It’s a very thin piece of platinum that is designed to be inserted into the top of the eye, and there is no risk of blindness at all,”

“One could have some local bleeding that disappears after a few days or weeks. She could have gotten an infection, but we prevented it with antibiotics,” the doctor added

The American Academy of Ophthalmology warned consumers about the potential dangers. They said that there is insufficient evidence to support the safety or therapeutic value of this procedure, and that people should avoid putting anything in the eye that has not been approved by the FDA.

A few days after the procedure, Luckayanko said she did not have any problems or pain from her new accessory.

“50 percent of my friends think I am crazy, but the other 50 percent think it is super cool,” she said.

If she wants to change the heart to another stud, it would be done for $1000


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