Paul Walker dead body photo is fake, as is Meadow Walker Facebook page

The photo of Paul Walker’s dead body that has been circulating on social media sites is fake. Something else that is fake? Meadow Walker’s “Facebook page.” According to TMZ, Walker’s reps had the fake page removed. Meadow does not have any social media accounts. On Dec. 1, the Internet flooded with a “message” from Meadow… some people thought that it was too soon for a 15-year-old to post online — and they were right.

“We’re told Paul’s people instantly sprung into action when they discovered the BS page … and contacted Facebook to have it removed … which they did (sic),” TMZ reports.

The Paul Walker dead body photo was supposedly of the actor “in the morgue.” However, with news that Walker’s body was completely charred, it’s obvious that the photo in question is fake. It was likely doctored by someone online with an intention of it going viral — and it did. People are still passing the picture around even though it’s not legit.

As previously reported, Paul Walker and Roger Rogas’ bodies were so badly burned that the coroner needed their dental records to I.D. them. The photo that has been floating around the Internet shows “Walker” with a big gash on his face but no burns… and that’s not possible given what we know.

Seeing Paul Walker’s dead body in a photo might be what some fans need to believe this terrible news but looking at a photo of someone you admire or love in such a condition isn’t healthy — especially when it’s fake.


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