Woman dies after being savaged at home by her two pet dogs

A woman who was attacked yesterday by her pitbulls has died in the hospital

Emma Bennett, 27, was on a life support machine after she suffered serious injuries when an American pit bull and Staffordshire bull terrier turned on her.

One neighbour had called 999 after hearing shouts of “no, no, no” coming from her home on Monday afternoon.

Police found her ­unconscious on the floor of the house with horrendous head and facial injuries. It was feared Emma had suffered brain damage.

Emma lived in the terraced property with her boyfriend and the dogs. A ­neighbour said: “I wouldn’t have the dogs in my house – they are vicious animals.”

Witnesses spoke of “crazy” scenes as up to 30 police officers, including an armed team, descended on the street in Leeds.

One of the pets had escaped from the house but was captured by officers in a road behind the home. The other animal was found in the kitchen.

Another shocked neighbour, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “I saw Emma in the back of the ambulance as ­paramedics were pounding on her heart. She was just floppy.” The woman added: “They were definitely dangerous dogs. One of the dogs seemed to be loose for ages.”


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