Family Robs Church then Sells Items in a Yard Sale Less than a Block Away

A family that robs together….Stays together?

ABC News reported that a mother-father-daughter trio allegedly robbed church items and sold the stolen goods in a yard sale at their home in Slidell, Louisiana.

St. Tammany Police Captain George Bonnett informed ABC News that the family confessed that they robbed the El Bethel Apostolic Ministry in Slidell on several occasions. During their alleged shoplifting spree, the family is accused of taking generators, music equipment, a water cooler and electronics.

Police say that when the family found out the church was undergoing renovation, they saw it as the perfect opportunity to rob the Holy house.

The mother, Clariese Jones, Paul Mikell the dad and Olivia Jones, the daughter, stated that they and another unidentified person named “Beaux”, went into the church on September 12th. Mikell stood outside the church as a lookout.

Police conducted a traffic stop on Clariese’s vehicle the night of the first robbery. To bail Clariese out, Olivia and Mikell returned to the church three days later to retrieve some more goods. The new items were to be sold in order to make bail for Clariese.

Someone in the neighborhood informed police that the family was selling stolen goods from the church in their yard — located not even two steps away from the church they robbed.  Officers arrived at the home with a search warrant and discovered all the items reported missing were in the yard, up for grabs.

According to Captain Bonnett, investigators confiscated almost everything they could find stolen in the home.

“We’re very close to having all of it — about 95 percent has been recovered,” assured Bonnett.

All three suspects are being held in jail on $30,000 bond each.


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