Dad who claimed family dog killed his 11-month-old son jailed for life

A dad who attacked his baby son and said the injuries were inflicted by the family Staffie was jailed for life yesterday.

Michael Beaumont, 29, texted a picture of 11-month-old Kadan to girlfriend Helen Barnes, 28, and said: “Look at my head, mummy. Naughty Mia knocked me down the steps in the garden.”

It is thought the gardener inflicted severe bruising during the incident then battered Kadan to death the next day, Sheffield crown court heard.

Kadan died in hospital with 35 injuries. Robert Smith QC, ­prosecuting, said the text about the dog was all lies.

He said Kadan’s subsequent death was “caused by someone striking him or throwing him against some surface before the emergency services were called”.

Teaching assistant Barnes was convicted of cruelty by neglecting to seek medical attention for her son after the initial attack.

She got six months’ jail, suspended.

Detective Chief Inspector Sean Middleton, who led the investigation, said: “This is a shocking case of violence from a parent, which sadly resulted in the death of an innocent young child.

“By blaming the family dog, Beaumont attempted to cover his horrific actions, but the evidence surrounding the cause of Kadan’s death, provided by expert pathologists, was overwhelming.

“Beaumont claimed that Kadan had been knocked over by the dog the day before, however, experts concluded that Kadan had died from head injuries that were likely to have been sustained only an hour before emergency services were called.

“This has been a particularly distressing case for all concerned and hopefully the end of this trial will bring some closure to the rest of Kadan’s family.

“I would like to thank the community of Hoyland for their help and support during this investigation.


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