Pictured: Indian Hindu worshippers drink COW URINE to help prevent cancer

A growing cult of Hindu worshippers in India believe that drinking fresh cow urine will help prevent cancer.

Hindus believe the cow to be a sacred animal and claim that the urine has divine healing properties.

Jairam Singhal is a firm believer in its health benefits and has been drinking it for over a decade.

“I had diabetes, but ever since I have started drinking cow urine, my diabetes levels have been under control,” said the 42-year-old.

“Someone told me drinking cow urine is good for health.

“We have had cows here for over 12 years now, so first thing in the morning we take cow urine and drink it.”

In the north Indian city of Agra, dozens gather at the cow shelter of DD Singhal to have a fresh glass of cow urine.

“Lots of people come here. And of late, the numbers have been rising. We all gather in the morning and drink fresh urine that Mother cow offers us,” Singhal said.

“Just a few years ago, there would hardly be anyone interested in taking cow urine from our shelter.

“But today lots of people come to our cow shelter. There are cancer patients sometimes – they want to see the benefits of cow urine.”



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