Chinese teenager to undergo surgery on his extraordinarily long neck

A teenager from China with an unusually long neck lives in agonising pain caused by the abnormality.

A 15-year-old boy named Fu Wengui suffers from a number of conditions, Daily Mail reports. While the ordinary person has 7 verbetrae, Fu has 10, his father Fu Genyou narrates.

The parent reveals that extra vertebrae cause severe pain as they press on the nerves in his neck and “make it difficult for him to walk”, says the 50-year-old adding that “He (son) always causes a stir whenever he goes out.”

At the age of 6 Fu was diagnosed with congenital scoliosis and abnormal chest frame. And now it became possible for his to undergo the surgery to stop the suffering, both physical and social. In the course of the operation, which is to be sponsored by Beijing-based charity organization, doctors from Chaoyang Hospital will try to reduce the boy’s neck size.

Pending the surgery, the humble boy says:

“I just hope I can have a normal neck.”


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