Al Qaeda lures hundreds of teen girls from Europe to Syria to be jihadists’ spouses

Foad shows a photo of his 15-year-old sister Nora, who left her home in Avignon

Foad shows a photo of his 15-year-old sister Nora, who left her home in Avignon

They are the brides of an Islamic Frankenstein.

Hundreds of teenage girls from Britain, France and elsewhere in Europe have been lured to Syria to serve as spouses for Al Qaeda terrorists and other jihadists fighting there, according to published reports Friday.

Many of them are like 15-year-old Nora, a daughter of Moroccan immigrants to Avignon, France.

“She was being commanded by remote control,” her family’s lawyer, Guy Guenoun, told the Associated Press. “And now she has made a trip to the pit of hell.”

But the recruiters aren’t just preying on vulnerable girls from Muslim families — at least one of the victims is a Jew, according to the AP.

Nora, her older brother Foad said, was sucked into the jihadi life via social media and through Islamist propaganda videos that fuel their fantasies about fighting for what is portrayed as a noble cause.

When Nora did not come home from school Jan. 23, Foad discovered she had been wearing a veil whenever she left the house, and that she had a secret phone number and Facebook account.

“As soon as I saw this second Facebook account I said, ‘She’s gone to Syria,’” he told the AP.

Nora wound up in the “foreigner’s brigade” of the al-Nusra Front, an Al Qaeda offshoot that is fighting in Syria.

Foad told the AP they tried to marry his sister off to a fighter, but she refused and now she’s stuck babysitting the tots of other terrorists — and pining for home.

“As soon as they manage to snare a girl, they do everything they can to keep her,” said Foad, who tracked his sister down but was unable to get her out of Syria. “Girls aren’t there for combat, just for marriage and children. A reproduction machine.”

Two people, including a young mother in Paris who put Nora up for a night and helped to arrange her flight to Turkey, have been charged with kidnapping.

Investigators have also busted other jihadi pimping networks, including one that was just about to ship a 13-year-old girl to Syria.

“It is not at random that these girls are leaving, they are being guided,” Guenoun said.

The serpents in the scheme are typically older women who befriend the girls and convince them they will be taking an active role in a holy war.

“Of the young women whom we follow, none have returned alive,” Dounia Bouzar, a French anthropologist who tracks the lost girls, told Reuters.



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