Detroit cop busted wearing homicide victim’s expensive watch

According to

A Detroit police officer is on borrowed time after he was caught wearing a homicide victim’s pricey watch.

Sgt. Alex Vinson was suspended by the department Wednesday when detectives reopened a murder case Vinson oversaw and found an expensive, German-made timepiece that belonged to the victim had been replaced by a cheap watch in the Homicide Section’s property room, The Detroit News reported.

The homicide case, several months old, went unsolved and the murder victim left unidentified. When police took a second look last week, detectives realized a photo of the watch checked into the property room didn’t match the one on hand.

“We were made aware of this a few nights ago and immediately initiated an internal investigation,” Detroit Police Chief James Craig told the paper. “We directed (Vinson) to return home.”

Vinson was undergoing advanced police training in Idaho when Detroit police contacted the FBI, who caught the sergeant wearing the missing watch during training, CBS Detroit reported.

Internal Affairs officers read Vinson his Miranda rights once he returned to Michigan, but prosecutors have yet to determine what charges will be filed against the Detroit police veteran.


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