Family reveals identity of Dallas nurse who contracted Ebola

The Dallas nurse who became the first person to contract Ebola in the U.S. was unmasked Monday as a 26-year-old health care provider who has been on the job for four years.

Nina Pham was identified by family members,

She graduated from Texas Christian University’s nursing program in 2010, but didn’t get her certificate in critical care nursing until Aug. 1.

That is less than two months before Thomas Duncan, who contracted Ebola while on a visit to Liberia, showed up at Pham’s hospital. He died of the disease Wednesday.

Now the feds are looking into whether the nurse contracted Ebola while she was taking off her protective equipment.

“We are doing a detailed investigation to better understand what might have happened,” Tom Frieden, Centers for Disease Control director, said Monday.

Frieden said she was “clinically stable” and had contact with one other person after she started developing Ebola symptoms.

“We have identified the one and only contact who had contact with her,” Frieden said. “That individual is also being monitored and has no symptoms.”

Frieden also said he would not be surprised if another hospital worker who cared for Duncan becomes ill.


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