Italian nurse kills as many as 38 patients because they annoyed her, takes selfies with corpses

A cruel Italian nurse killed as many as 38 patients because she thought they — and their visiting families — were annoying, police said.

Police believe Daniela Poggiali, who worked at a Lugo hospital, killed her victims with hefty doses of potassium chloride and then snapped photos with some of the bodies, Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera reported.

“Poggiali was particularly euphoric and asked me to take a photo next to the corpse,” one of her colleagues told the newspaper, which has been translated from Italian. “I was afraid and intimidated.”

The 42-year-old nurse was arrested last week after police investigated the mysterious death of a 78-year-old patient in April.

The woman died suddenly after coming to the hospital with a routine illness. Tests showed she died with a lethal dose of potassium in her system.

That touched off a massive police probe: Investigators found deaths in the hospital increased significantly when Poggiali was on duty.

In the first quarter of 2014, 38 out of her 83 patients died, the newspaper reported. Other nurses had about 10 deaths.

In each instance, police believe the 42-year-old nurse killed to get rid of difficult patients and their demanding families.

When investigators explored more, they found disturbing details.

She slipped non-lethal sedatives to some patients so they wouldn’t disturb her, police said, and once gave strong laxatives to a colleague’s patient in a bid to embarrass that person and create more work for the other nurses.

Police found a photo of Poggiali with one of her deceased patients just minutes after the death — she posted it online with the caption “Brrr … mmm … life and death … mmmmmm,”

There was allegedly another selfie on her cellphone of her flashing thumbs up next to a different corpse.

Police are investigating all 38 deaths that happened on Poggiali’s watch. At least 10 of those are “very suspicious,” police said.

The 42-year-old is being held in an Italian jail on murder charges.


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