Tyrese Gibson hits back at claims he gave out sexual favours to a male director to land a film role

Comedian Spanky Hayes

Comedian Spanky Hayes

Tyrese Gibson IS not happy about claims comedian Spanky Hayes made about him giving out sexual favours for a film role.

The actor and close friend of the late Paul Walker was accused by the star of agreeing to get intimate with director John Singleton to land a part in the 2001 urban comedy-drama Baby Boy.

Spanky, known for his appearance on the Nick Cannon show Wild ‘N Out, claims he was beaten out of the role by Tyrese after auditioning for John, who allegedly told them: “I f***ing love both of you guys, but which one of you guys are gonna suck my c***?'”

It is not yet known if he said it in jest, but he added: “I bust out laughing because nobody has talked to me like that. But the other dude, who I won’t say his name, wasn’t laughing. To keep it real, he got the lead role in Baby Boy.”

Spanky is seen in a video on entertainment website TMZ making the claims which Tyrese has branded ridiculous.

In a recorded rebuttal, the hunky star, dressed in a huge fur coat, said: “What man wakes up and says, ‘You know, today I want to end my career. Today I want to commit a career suicide’. You know you done f**ked up, right?

“Let me tell you something you don’t know. First of all, the role for Baby Boy was written, directed and produced by John Singleton. It was written for Tupac. That’s a factual fact.

“When Tupac was killed, he only had one person in mind to play Baby Boy, it wasn’t them, it wasn’t you … f**k, it was me.”

He went on to say that Spanky won’t be performing at any of the places a struggling comedian would do to get their career off the ground because “it’s over”.

Tyrese, who also starred in Fast and Furious, added: “Since you just decided one day, ‘Let me just wake up and try and throw Tyrese Gibson, one of the prominent, black, significant, African American, straight men in this town called Hollywood.”

He said he has a lot of respect because he put in the hard work and claimed the rumours were at a level of “grade A b**sh*t” that he’s never had to deal with in his life, adding, “I’ve had a lot of rumours, but I’ve never had those sorts of rumours.”

In the video, Tyrese then rambles on and laughs out loud while smoking a cigar in his outdoor theatre and mocks Spanky, who he says hasn’t accomplished anything in his career. OUCH!

He’s made his point and we still don’t know if Spanky was just joking about the whole thing. But Tyrese certainly isn’t laughing.


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