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Dutch prostitutes demand same pension perks as soccer players

Dutch prostitutes are demanding the same retirement tax benefits as professional footballers because of the “hard physical work” they do, according to news reports.

The campaign to secure better retirement rights is being run by Freya, a company that wants to run a number of brothels in the central Dutch city of Utrecht.

Wil Post, a lawyer for Freya told Dutch newspaper Volkskrant on Tuesday that “Footballers and prostitutes both do a difficult physical job that they cannot do their whole life. Therefore, they would like to be able to save as much as they can.”

Prostitution has been legal and regulated in the Netherlands since 2000, provided that there is no coercion, with businesses like Freya offering prostitutes, who qualify for unemployment benefits and a state pension in the Netherlands, a contract and salary.

“Men prefer young women: there always comes an age when prostitutes no longer get any work,” the lawyer told the AFP news agency, which reported Post as saying “it can take a prostitute more than 10 years to stop working because she’s trapped as she can’t save money.”

Post has asked the Dutch tax authorities for Freya’s employees to enjoy the same pension perks as footballers who can put up to 5,000 euros (almost $7,000) a month into a tax-free pension pot.

So far, the Dutch authorities have refused to comment on the request


Photos: Late Sani Abacha’s son Mahmud Abacha weds

One of the sons of late military dictator Sani Abacha, Mahmud Abacha married his beautiful lady Hamama in Abuja yesterday, more pix below

Sure Signs She Will Cheat On You

Men want to know if there’s any way to tell if the woman they are dating or married to will cheat on them at a future date and one day break their heart.

Women who are highly susceptible to infidelity tend to fall into one or more of the 16 categories below:

Categories of Women Most Likely To Cheat

Women who have lots of close male friends – Close friendships with members of the opposite séx are a common starting point for many affairs. The closer the woman is to her platonic male friend, the more likely it is that he will eventually end up becoming her lover – unless he’s gay.

Women who have an excessive need for attention – a woman who requires constant attention may cheat on her mate if she feels she isn’t getting enough attention from him. She will be easy prey for any man who showers with her the attention she feels she deserves.

Women who are materialistic – a materialistic woman is likely to have an affair with a wealthy man because of the material things he can provide. She can easily be seduced with gifts of money, jewelry, designer clothes, lavish vacations, and other expensive things.

Women who are easily bored – a woman who is easily bored may cheat on her mate just to add some excitement to her life, or alleviate her boredom.

Women whose husbands or boyfriends have cheated on them – Some women who have been victims of infidelity may indulge in retaliatory cheating or revenge affairs. If you cheated on her, she may try to even the score by cheating on you.

Women whose girlfriends are cheating on their mates – never underestimate the power of peer pressure. Adults are susceptible to peer pressure, too. If her girlfriends or close female acquaintances are cheating on their mates, it’s just a matter of time before she be cheating too.

Women who thrive on being the center of attention – a woman who insists on being the center of attention at all times, the man who fawns over her and makes her feel like she’s #1 in his life is likely to score big.

Women who are alcoholics or drug addicts – a woman who is a substance abuser is much more likely to end up cheating on her mate. Women who overindulges in alcohol are susceptible to infidelity because their inhibitions will be lowered and their judgment impaired. Female drug addict may sell their bodies for drugs. Either type of woman is likely to cheat without realizing what she’s doing.

Women who are considered “party girls” – if she’s the type of woman who runs with a fast crowd, or routinely parties or hangs out until the wee hours of the night, her lifestyle makes her vulnerable to having an affair.

Women who are addicted to séx – Yes, women can be séx addicts, too. In the past these women were referred to as nymphomaniacs. This is a medical condition that requires medical help.

Women with a séx drive greater than that of their partner – a woman whose séx drive greatly exceeds the séx drive of her husband or boyfriend, or whose spouse or significant other is lacking in bedroom skills, is much more likely to cheat on her mate. If she wants to have séx all the time, she’ll find someone to fill in when her husband or boyfriend isn’t there.

Women who are séxually experienced – a woman who has had an extremely active séx life, or who has had numerous séx partners before settling down, will find very difficult to stay faithful to just .one man.

Women who cheated on their mates in the past without getting caught – a woman who has cheated before and got away with it will have no qualms about cheating on her mate again, or cheating on the new man in her life. After all, she’s already proven to herself that she can escape detection, and will be confident that she can pull it off again without getting caught.

Women who are thrill seekers or risk takers – this type of woman will cheat just for the thrill of it, or for the excitement of doing something forbidden. She views infidelity as other people would view a high-risk sport.

Women who have big egos – if a woman is extremely égotistic, any man who feeds her ego can easily get her into bed.

Women who suffer from low self esteem – a woman who has low-self esteem is easy prey for a man who flatters her, builds her up, makes her feel good about herself, and boosts her self esteem.

The more of the above categories your wife or girlfriend fits into, the more likely it is that she will cheat on you.

Drive-In Sex Boxes Prostitution Plan Launched

A series of wooden sheds have been constructed in Zurich, Switzerland as part of an initiative to regulate prostitution.

They look like garages or shelters but are being called by the locals “drive-in sex boxes”,The idea is that men wanting to pay for sex can drive into one of the sheds having picked up a prostitute from an approved area.

Project director Michael Herzig said the boxes should improve security for sex workers.

“We’ve had a problem here which has been getting worse over the last few years, especially regarding Roma women, some of whom were being forced into prostitution. This was a degrading situation which. we really had to stop.”

It is hoped the sex boxes will persuade prostitutes to sell their services away from residential areas, in a safe environment – the sheds are all equipped with alarms.

“This solution has several advantages: the support service for the women is better because we are directly here on site. The infrastructure is better.

The women can come to us and use the shower and the toilets. We can talk to them without other people listening and the area is closed and observable,” said Ursula Kocher, of the Flora Dora centre for women.

The million euro project was approved by voters in Zurich last year in a referendum. The site is only open to drivers of cars and will operate from early evening until 5am each day.